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Summit IP

Vertical phone system

Easy to set up, maintain and use, the compact Vertical Summit is ideally suited for five to 50 users. Each basic platform gives you the flexibility to design an affordable, dynamic communications system that’s truly the best fit for your business with:

  • Advanced VoIP technology
  • Low cost SIP trunking
  • On/off premise mobility
  • Remote connectivity

With the Summit, you can easily expand your communications infrastructure as your business grows with an extra expansion unit to serve up to 140 users. Or use the optional Summit Wireless DECT System to cost-effectively increase your coverage, voice traffic and number  of users. The Summit Wireless  DECT System is a secure, in-house DECT solution that offers up to 48 additional extensions. Each wireless base station can support six simultaneous conversations, and additional stations can be added to easily customize the system to meet your specific needs.

The Summit is also compatible with Vertical’s SBX IP and MBX IP platforms, so you can quickly network up to 250 sites together while creating a simple migration path to the full-feature and cost-saving benefits of the Summit’s built-in VoIP technology.



Vertical SBX IP box

The Vertical™ SBX IP integrates easily with existing networks, supporting a variety of phone types including digital, analog, IP phones, soft phones and Wi-Fi phones for mobile users.  Our pre-configured database templates make installation a breeze.

Add users or change settings simply by using PC software.  It's a flexible system that can be administered through digital phone, modem or LAN -- even via remote connection.

The Vertical™ SBX IP lets you respond quickly to customers, vendors and partners, giving your organization the flexibility it needs to compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace.  Your business enjoys the same level of communications applications typically reserved for large enterprises. It's ideal for small companies -- or small companies that want to be big.

  • Integrated voice mail/auto attendant for professional greetings during business or after hours
  • Mobile extensions and linked stations
  • Uniform call distribution, including call center functionality, agent wrap up, and supervisor functions.
  • CTI with Microsoft® Outlook® address book integration.
  • Multi-party conferencing for up to nine conference rooms.
  • Multiple tenant groups allow you to partition groups by department.
  • VoIP (SIP) trunking reduces expenses and provides flexibility.